Mission Statement

The world and the technological landscape are changing at a rapid pace. This also applies to the e-commerce industry. New developments and the associated changes that organizations implement generally have far-reaching implications and therefore cause an enormously increasing complexity.

This applies not only to the organization itself, but also to its end user(s). How do you ensure that you can retrieve clear information from excessive data which leads to solid decisions? How do you continue to meet location-independent direct demand, while at the same time maintain control and autonomy? How do you continue to generate turnover and revenue in an increasingly and highly competitive market? Order2Flow focus strongly on such issues in order to be able to adequately serve the e-commerce entrepreneur and his end users through the order-fulfillment solution: Order2Flow.

Order2Flow believes that contemporary technological developments offer numerous opportunities for organizations within e-commerce industry. We are exploiting these opportunities by making the increasing need for IT specialization more accessible with Order2Flow, a tool for entrepreneurs in e-commerce. We integrate this software into our customers' business operations, making their entire order management transparent, manageable and adaptable: from order processing and accounting to fulfillment.

The following aspects are central to this: higher efficiency, turnover speed and error reduction, as well as continuous monitoring of the progress and the entered data. The entrepreneur is quickly able to make strategic and /or operational decisions as a result. We respond to developments by constantly developing new functionalities and adding them to the tool. In this way, the e-commerce entrepreneur maintains control and secures autonomy, and is permanently enabled to realize sufficient turnover and revenue. This is the mission of Order2Flow.

Want to know more? This English article expounds on the philosophy behind Order2Flow.

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