With pride we present to you Order2Flow, our new software for e-commerce entrepreneurs. This article expounds the philosophy behind the tool.

Many e-commerce entrepreneurs miss out on opportunities when it comes to order fulfilment and management, which also comes with high costs. That is the conclusion of Paul Groeneweg, entrepreneur, director and founder of Order2Flow. Order2Flow was created as a contemporary order management solution for these issues. The tool was launched on  September 8th at the Arnhem Rijnkade by Paul Groeneweg, Maarten Buser (marketing manager) and Nomair van Wijk (project manager).

Groeneweg explains: "New technological developments have far-reaching implications, causing software to increase enormously in complexity. You can no longer avoid calling in an ICT specialist. This applies to a large extent to e-business. Online (re)sellers must be able to respond to changes in order to keep business operations up-to-date, for both the customer and themselves. An important, much-discussed development is the availability of large amounts of data. For e-commerce entrepreneurs, this raises questions such as: How do you ensure that you can retrieve clear information from excessive data as a solid basis for decisions? But also: How do you continue to meet location-independent direct demand, while at the same time being able to maintain your control and autonomy? A fast delivery used to be an extra service, but now it has become a new standard to customers. How can you guarantee that, without getting the feeling that the work is too much and you’ve lost your overview? These matters are of course related to an important, larger question: how do you continue to generate turnover and return in an increasingly growing and competitive market? Based on these and similar questions, in close consultation with various customers, we have developed an integral tool that is available to anyone active in the e-commerce industry."

The philosophy of the tool is characterized by a continuous focus on the issues that e-commerce entrepreneurs face, and how ICT can be utilized appropriately for this. The tool integrates various software packages that organizations use for their business operations, in order to make their entire order management transparent, manageable and adaptable: from order processing and accounting to fulfilment. The following aspects are central to this: a higher efficiency, turnover rate and error reduction, as well as a continuous monitoring of the progress and the entered data. As a result, the entrepreneur is quickly able to make strategic and / or operational decisions. Order2Flow constantly responds to developments by constantly developing and adding new functionalities to the tool. In this way, the e-commerce entrepreneur remains in control, maintains autonomy, and is permanently enabled to realize sufficient turnover and returns.

Order2Flow offers e-commerce entrepreneurs the possibility to have an analysis performed completely free of charge, which provides insight into where optimization opportunities lie and how they can be realized. It is also possible to request a demo, also completely free of charge.

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